Bowel Maggots​/​Severe Metastasis

by Bowel Maggots/Severe Metastasis

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19 experimental deathgrind songs from greek Bowel Maggots collaborate with 5 goregrind tracks from Severe Metastasis.

Mixing and Mastering for Bowel Maggots side by: DEXX Productions
Artwork by: Benedikt Schräpler
Guitars by: Derek "Rabbit" J.

Interview with Bowel Maggots:

Thanks for all of the support and many thanks for all guests that are huge part of the songs from my side! Thanks also Fernanda for her support and for her psychological title ideas that she gives me!


released February 4, 2017



all rights reserved


Bowel Maggots Greece

One-man experimental deathgrind band from Greece. Also i have the youtube channel "Grindcore Is Pure Love"! GRIND ON!

Logo made by: Nick Waller of Insufferable

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Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Sleepwalking Syndrome Disease (feat. Fernanda)
Sleepwalking is a sleep disorder belonging to the parasomnia family. The sleepwalkers perform activities that are usually performed during a state of full consciousness. Sleep! Don't wake up again! Dream! Comatose in state of sleep and dead!
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Alien Fetus Dismemberment
Tentacles impregnate her shapeless child. Destroying with a hatchet its helpless little mind. Vaginal extraction of the faceless baby.
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Acute Septic Pneumonia (feat. Olga from Cystoblastosis)
Piss all over the body. Flies inside the bowels. Cytogenesis. Amputated arms. Blood soaked legs. Hookwarm disease. Septic stench of shit. Rotting flesh with vomit. Schistosomiasis. Serpentine cytolisis. Vaginal devourment. Necatoriasis.
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Anal Bottle Removal Procession
Meat all along her lips. A net connecting her limbs. Total disgrace of her skin. Facial attack full of sin. A flesh totem shape. Anal bottle rape.
Her name is Alice (x3)...and her silhouette is made of glass! Her name is Alice (x3)...and I broke her form, tearing apart!
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Bowels As A Necklace (feat. Derek of Tahazu)
Choked with bowels. Intestinal disorder. Experimental death. Fleshless hoarder. Corpse utopia. Forest full of dead. Brutally slaughtered. Melting putrid head.
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Voidless Consuming Wormhole
Astral decapitation, starless ejaculation, extraterrestrial chromosomatic deviation.
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Rotten Pussy Warfare (feat. Nick of Insufferable)
Aborted facial skin. Gutted putrid bowels. Raped oozing flesh. Divided female brain.
Chorus: At war with the cunts! A rotten pussy warfare! (x2)
Mangled tortured face. Limbs half in two. Hybridity of bacterial skin. Violent deformation. Chorus.
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Love Song?
Die, you fucking cunt!
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Interstellar Pussy Portal (feat. Franz of VxPxOxAxAxWxAxMxCx)
Astral skin's penetration. Torn oozing womb of stars. Fractal liquids of her portal.
An interstellar pussy portal, an outer space buttfucked corpse.
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Hypochrist
Bow your filthy heads to a lying spreading disease. The burning of the human race from the putrid tongues of priests. Rape the priest, slaughter the nun, kill the disease 'til there's none! Nailed in the cross, divine death with spasms, crown full of thorns, angel's weeping eyes. Fuck the priest, slaughter the nun, spit this disease 'til there is none!
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Spaceflight Osteopenia
Binary gravitational waves. Ectoplasmatic infections. White-noise distortion navigation. Cyber spasms by poisoned mindfood.
They die (x2)! They rot in space. They die (x2), forever trapped in the eyes of space!
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Clitophagy
Embryogenic prolapse. Vagina floating with cysts. Anal birth. Parasitic disease. Ingrown vaginal teeth. Esoteric stoma. Spineless cystic body. Rotten bleeding soma.
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Raped By A Xenomoprh
Raped by a xenomorph. Intestines spill in ground. Raped by a xenomorph. The anus beating sound. Fucked by a xenomoprh. Retracted anal skin. Fucked by a xenomoprh. Dildo-fucked by alien queen.
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Fleshtopia
The exploration of a putrid body. Encephalitis. A limbic system's bacterial disease. Sarcoidosis. Epileptic red fibers through the skin. Echinococcosis. Fleshtopia (x4).
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - AnalEyes
Double penetration...ends to satisfaction. Visceral dimension. Clitoral extraction. AnalEyes. Sexual demise. AnalEyes. Whore's dirtiest vice!
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Blood Lube
Axe in the face. Chainsaw in the gut. Knife in the brain. Blood lubricated fuck!
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Ed Gein Theory (feat. Sotiris of EDxKEMPER)
Love your mother. Wear a torn face. Kill with a chainsaw. Eat putrid cunts. Fulfill your needs. Mutilate a body. Dance with the corpses. Faceless lust.
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Pig (feat. CxBx)
Piggy, piggy, piggy, pig. Have another tasty drink. Piggy, piggy, piggy, pig. Smoke a joint of your weed. Piggy, piggy, piggy, pig. Join another grindcore gig. Piggy, piggy, piggy, pig. Grind is love, you fucking pig!
Track Name: Bowel Maggots - Bacteria Caused During Pissing By The Pool's Chlorine
Blue water disease. Chlorine's bacteria! Anus rotting. Human porphyria. Sick by the water. Suffered from pissing. Ache and puking. Pure human cleansing.